Where is Hawaii?

Where is hawaii? Hawaii is in the midst of the Pacific Ocean a little away from the American continent, but is part of the United States. The famous paradise island, many celebrities and movie stars are going to vacation on its wonderful beaches!

Did you know that Hawaii has more than 100 islands? Hawaii is an archipelago, has more than 100 islands but only 8 are the largest and most known, many ethnic groups converge in this archipelago, Japanese, Americans, and mestizos.

Hawaii is part of the United States since 1959, being the 50th state of the nation.

What is the state of Hawaii?

The capital of Hawaii is Honolulu, is one of the largest islands and where more people are, the island where Honolulu is located is called O'ahu.

Did you know that more than 1 million people live in Hawaii?

These are the most important islands of Hawaii:

Oahu, Maui, Hawaii, Kaua'i, Kaho'olawe, Lana'i, Moloka'i, Ni'ihau

The flower that represents this state is the Hibiscus flower, you can read more about the Hawaiian flowers in the section: Hawaiian flowers

What is the flag of Hawaii?

The flag of Hawaii is known as "Ka Hae Hawai'i"

It has eight alternating stripes of white, red and blue that represent the eight main islands.

The flag of Hawaii has in its upper corner left the flag of United Kingdom, this is due to their friendship, and was included in the flag.

Where is Hawaii?
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