Hawaiian flowers

Hawaiian flowers are very common to decorate our hair, often time hawaiian lei necklaces with very pretty Hawaiian flowers. The flora of Hawaii is very varied and very colorful too.

There are Hawaiian orchids, plumeria, fern, purple hibiscus and many more, we will tell you a brief review of each of them.

Hibiscus flower

The hibiscus flower is perhaps best known in Hawaiian, the hibiscus flower the flower of the state of Hawaii, is known as the typical hawaii flower. It is a beautiful Hawaiian flower.

The name hibiscus comes from the Latin marshmallow, since it produces a creamy juice, this flower comes from China, and can measure 4.5 meters high; Between the use of the hibiscus we can find the manufacture of jams to accompany snacks, and meats, also its juice can be used as an edible coloring.

Plumeria flower

Plumeria flower is another flower that is commonly found in Hawaii, it is the flower of lovers, many people are tattooed this flower to remember the love of their life.

The plumeria flower has a somewhat intense perfume but it is pleasant, it can be compared like vanilla or almond.
It is believed that in Hawaii this flower was cultivated by its aborigines.

Hawaiian orchid

The Hawaiian orchid is a very famous flower, it is found from homes, restaurants, hotels, airports, therefore being such a beautiful flower it is used in many places, it is used for the elaboration of lei necklaces, and decoration in general.

It is considered that the orchid is the flower of youth, and that attribute will acenta well, as seems to never grow old Hawaii is a paradise for everyone.

Meaning of the orchids

The white orchid symbolizes purity, eternity or lasting love.

Blue orchids are a symbol of tranquility, harmony or peace.

The yellow and red orchid is passion and sexual desire.

And the pink orchid is a reflection of femininity and sensuality.

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Hawaiian flowers
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